We have some good news for all our Japanese watchers. Tv Japan Live is now free to use! Try some of our many HD channels, all in one place for easy configuration and management. All you need for watching our television is a stable internet connection and a device of your choice. We support almost all types of devices. For now, our web player is live and ready to stream so you can enjoy watching TV with whatever piece of tech you own. If you do enjoy your time spent on our website, please share with your loved ones. Tv Japan is worldwide so you can access the channels wherever you are on the globe. We hope you enjoy your time here, for all the suggestions and criticism, send us an e-mail and we’ll get back at you in no time!

Who are we and why do we stream television for free? Tv Japan Live is a part of Tv Live brand, represented by the Wnet Media GmbH. Our idea was to provide all our users free to air Japanese television and all the channels in one place so they don’t have to chase links and spend hours on trying to find a stream online with reasonable resolution. Apart from Tv Japan, we also own over 20 more platforms for countries all around the planet. Although, the Japanese platform was one of our first projects and it has a special place in our hearts therefore we will strive to provide its users the best possible experience they can get. Come and join us! Be one of the first to join our cause and watch free Japanese television.

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